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Doubles Yoga

Doubles Yoga is Partner Yoga for Every One.  It is a movement practice of connecting with the Self through the support of Another.  Doubles Yoga involves mutually supportive poses with an ample amount of time in each pose with which to dissolve obstructions in the body with breath, awareness, and encouragement from the weight and presence of another person.  This practice is accessible for Yogis of all levels, and does not involve any acrobatics or flying.  Any yoga poses done in a solo yoga class can be practiced with a supportive partner together.  This practice of Doubles Yoga can allow for a deeper experience of our body; it's experience of freedom, and the edges of our comfort zone.

Tyler Blank

Tyler is the Creator of Doubles Yoga.  He has been practicing AcroYoga since it's inception in 2004, and was one of the first 3 certified AcroYoga Teachers back in 2006, serving as an Assistant to Jenny Sauer-Klein & Jason Nemer in the first two AcroYoga teacher trainings.  Tyler also assisted and Co-Taught in the first Synergy Partner Yoga Teacher with Francisco Morales in 2008.  Since then, he has taught many hundreds of classes, workshops, & privates at Yoga Studios, Retreats, Homes, Festivals, and Teacher Trainings.  After eventually tiring of the intense acrobatics that seemed to entice most young students to the practice of AcroYoga, Tyler began to teach more classes with just the nourishing and supportive Partner Yoga aspect of the practice. 

Thus is born: Doubles Yoga.

Tyler is a lover of Movement Arts.  He is a student and teacher of Chi Gong; having studied Traditional Chinese Qigong with Empty Lang of Empty Mountain, and Tibetan Shamanic Qigong with Lama Tantrapa of The Academy of Qi Dao.  He has also studied extensively with Dylan Newcomb of UZAZU, formerly known as The 16 Ways.

Tyler also teaches Contact Improv; a freeform partner dance expression experienced without leader or follower, allowing for freedom, experimentation, and exploration in this expressive partner movement.

Tyler is the Founder Ecstatic Dance Oakland, San Francisco, Fairfax, and the Non Profit Organization: Ecstatic Dance. org Community, which helps people start Ecstatic Dances in their towns & cities around the world.